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Ambassador Milton A. Wolf Seminar on Media and Diplomacy

Launched in 2001, the Milton Wolf Seminar deals with developing issues in diplomacy and journalism – both broadly defined. These seminars for journalists, students of diplomacy and international relations from the United States the multinational student body of the Diplomatic Academy Vienna examines the connections between diplomacy and journalism analyzing key legal, political and ethical issues raised by both scholars and practitioners.

The Milton Wolf Seminar is a meeting place for media practitioners, diplomats, academics, and students to share their perspectives, formulate new ideas, and identify areas where further research is needed. The seminar incorporates various speakers and panels and is designed as a two-day continuing conversation. All participants are encouraged to engage openly in dialogue and explore potential synergies and future collaborations. In order to encourage an open exchange of ideas, seminar attendance is limited only to invited participants and students.

Each year the seminar organizers select approximately 5-10 outstanding advanced MA candidates, PhD students, post doctoral students, law students, or equivalents studying areas related to the seminar theme to serve as Emerging Scholar Fellows. Selected Fellows receive economy class airfare, accommodation, and a food and local travel stipend, which covers all costs of attending the Seminar. In exchange for full funding, Emerging Scholars attend all seminar discussions and events and serve as a part of the rapporteur team for the event, authoring a 2000-word blog piece documenting and analyzing the seminar discussions.

About Amb. Milton Wolf (1925-2005)