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Media Academic Partners

Our media partners, renowned academic institutions from both sides of the Atlantic, bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise which our fellows can profit from. 

Center for Global Communication Studies, Annenberg School for Communication
The Center for Global Communication Studies at the Annenberg School for Communication is a leader in international education and training in comparative media law and policy. It affords students, academics, lawyers, regulators, civil society representatives and others working in the media sector the opportunity to evaluate critically and discuss comparative, global and international communications issues.

CGCS draws on various disciplines (law, political science, and international relations among others) to explore public policy issues and the way media and globalization intersect with the changing nature of states.  Other issues of interest include media and democracy, measuring and evaluation of media development programs, public service broadcasting, and the media's role in conflict and post-conflict environments.

The Diplomatic Academy of Vienna

The Diplomatic Academy of Vienna (DA) offers postgraduate training which prepares young graduates for the varied challenges of an international career. The DA equips its students with the academic qualifications, the language training, intercultural competences and management skills which are today the essential and often decisive prerequisites for the successful entry into many international professions and a subsequent interesting career.